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  • 15” LCD TFT touchscreen color display 1024 x 768 pixel
  • Flash Drive, Compact flash memory reader
  • Handy interface program prepared within Safak
  • Foot switch or button
  • Smooth spare parts supply
  • DES CNC service assurance
  • Custom-made manufacturing of ‘-left’ (counter-clockwise) bending machines.
  • High-quality hydraulic system
  • Multilingual Turkish / English / German operation menu
  • Infinite coordinate input, infinite bending
  • Ability to start mass production on a two-day training
  • Ability to operate either with XYZ or YBC coordinates (coordinate cycle)
  • Ability to interference all points of the program created by the machine
  • Making sure that the pipe you produce does not hit the areas you have defined.
  • All axial speeds can be set to as desired
  • Ability to monitor the stage of the process while the program is running
  • Possibility of operation with or without a mandrel
  • Counter program that calculates and saves the number of pipes bent.
Hydraulic Motor Power (KW)  7,5
Max. Bending Diameter (mm) Ø25×2 (Çelik Boru)
Max. Bending Radius (mm) 140
Max. Bending Angle 185°
Max. Feeding Length (mm) With mandrel Sınırsız
W/O mandrel 3.000
Bending (°/sec) 180°
Axial Speeds Progression (mm/sec 1.500
Rotation (°/sec) 600
Bending (°) ± 0,1
Precisions Progression (mm) + 0,1
Rotation (°) ±0,05
Dimensions Width (mm) 950
Length (mm) 4.650
Height (mm) 1.400
Number of Program Sınırsız
Number of Bending Programs 100
Weight 1.550